Finds of Roman Imports

Finds of Roman Imports in the Areas of the Ancient Iron-smelting Centres in Poland


by Iwona Kowalczyk-Mizerakowska

The volume is an extensive catalogue of so‐called “imports”, Roman artifacts that had made their way to the territories of two ancient iron‐smelting centers, now inside the Polish borders, in the Świętokrzyskie and Mazowieckie regions, identified by archaeologists investigating ancient ironworking. It is more, however, than a standard catalogue of finds recorded from a given area. The said two centers are rather distant from one another, hence the form of the presentation of the source material, which takes into account a number of different factors: territorial (two different iron‐smelting provinces), products of clear Roman origin (coins, bulk goods), the archaeological context in which these artifacts were discovered. With regard to bulk goods, the material was classified by category: glass vessels, glass beads, terra sigillata, clay vessels, weaponry items, metal vessels, fibulae, etc.

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